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The 2018 NBA All Star Game will be the 67th edition of the annual exhibition game played by the NBA’s best players, and as always, tickets are in high demand for the NBA All Star Game. The game will take place at the Staples Center, home of the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers, on February 18, 2018.

The NBA All-Star Game is hosted annually by the National Basketball Association (NBA), the game features the league’s star players from the Eastern Conference and from the Western Conference. Each conference team consists of 12 players, making it 24 in total.

NBA All-Star Weekend is a three-day event which goes from Friday to Sunday. The first NBA All-Star Game was held at the Boston Garden on March 2, 1951.

The NBA All-Star Game is switched formats in 2018, as two captains will select the teams, regardless of which conferences the players play in. The players who win the fan vote from each conference will be the captains. There will still be 12 players selected from each conference.

Five players from each conference will be selected as starters, with the fan vote being worth 50 percent, player vote worth 25 percent and media vote worth 25 percent. Seven reserves for each team will be picked by each conference’s head coaches.

The new system will enable players from each conference to play against each other and allows current teammates to face off. Starters will be picked first, so the 10 players voted in as starters will remain that way.

The head coach of the team with the best record in each conference is chosen to lead their respective conference in the All-Star Game, however, the same coach cannot coach consecutive years, also known as the “Riley Rule”.

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