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Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO) was formed (1996) in New York City by Paul O’Neill, Robert Kinkel, and Jon Oliva. Trans-Siberian Orchestra consists of over 30 members and blends rock music, heavy metal, and classical elements to form a powerful musical Holiday message on stage. Of all their work, the band is perhaps best known for the songs “Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12/24” and “Wizards in Winter.” The group normally has two companies out on tour at one time. The name of the current tour is “The Ghosts Of Christmas Eve” which tells the “journey of a young runaway who, on Christmas Eve, breaks into an abandoned vaudeville theater seeking shelter from the cold, and the ghostly visions she experiences from that concert’s past.”

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas time concerts have become a yearly tradition in many households across the country. Like seeing the Radio City Rockettes in New York City the TSO concerts have become a family favorite. The concerts are a combination of holiday songs and a exciting stage show that includes lights and special effects.

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